The Endgame – A Memoir

Final Words

As far as putting an end to the madness:

It requires untangling ourselves from deeply entrenched adopted lies, swallowing down pride, and solving problems like adults, rather than the easy path to destruction – one of following the irresponsible government lead of a 50-year-classification approach of hiding all the bodies the problems cause.

If you like lists, try this one:

See predatory and coercive behavior.

Say no to predatory and coercive behavior. 

Make reality-based non-coercive and non-coerced decisions.

Acknowledge mistakes have been and will be made.

Learning how to let go, move beyond that, and try again. 

Take steps to insulate from getting caught in the trap of the damage of subterfuge and coercion again. 

Right now you’re thinking, “But we have to lie and support lies because the predatory rules we allowed to be created are too strict/absurd to allow us to profit/function otherwise.”

That looks like a great problem to learn how to solve.

And, no, it is not easy. Real cleanup never is. 

That’s why we’re in the mess we’re in.

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