The Endgame – A Memoir

Deployment, Part Two

Yes, I was in terrible situations with dangerous people. 
But it was the crowd that did nothing, 
that wandered in circles 
making itself dizzy  
just to distract itself  
so it did not have to do anything.
They are the biggest part of the problem. 
Everything could have been solved in minutes 
if the populace wasn’t weak as shit 
and made insane.

Now that the topic of politicians has been fully broached with the signatures of Dodd and Lieberman, I feel like this is a good point at which to bring up why I’ve been skirting U.S. politics this entire time. 

The truth is, I could easily add another fifty pages on how we leashed politicians with a combination of blackmail, threats, mutually beneficial camaraderie, bribery, and more. I could also discuss how one politician in particular leveraged the protection of being a federal witness – after a large-scale heroin bust in a politically involved legal office in San Francisco – to have anyone who went to court against her eliminated by the FBI, allowing her political career to begin and blossom in what is an otherwise harsh environment, and how the FBI has a history of covering for its witnesses at the expense of innocent citizens. 

For example: 

Image Source: New York Times

“A judge today ordered the federal government to pay $101.8 million to make amends for framing four men for a murder they did not commit.

Two of the men died in prison after being falsely convicted in the 1965 gangland murder. Another, Peter Limone, spent 33 years in jail before he was exonerated in 2001. The fourth, Joseph Salvati, spent 29 years in prison.

….F.B.I. officials went along, the memos suggested, because Mr. Barboza had been helping them solve cases and because the killer, Vincent Flemmi, was an F.B.I. informant.

In her decision today, Judge Gertner forcefully criticized the F.B.I. and the argument made by Justice Department lawyers that federal authorities were not required to share information with state prosecutors, and were not responsible for the results of a state prosecution. ‘The government’s position is, in a word, absurd,’ Judge Gertner said.

….The four wrongly convicted men were treated as ‘acceptable collateral damage’…their lawyers said.”

Text Source: New York Times

I could talk about backroom deals that sold the entire country more times than once. Actually, I already mentioned one of those.  

I could talk about the political science research project we did that resulted in tapping two future presidents based solely on what they looked like and their vocations (one black man and one real estate tycoon), due to what presidential demographics the research told us would work best for manipulating the public and then keeping them on the manipulation hook long term. George Edwards’ involvement on that one made it into the news. The media always did love him. 

Image Source: New Haven Register

“When the time came to elect John C. Daniels the city’s first Black mayor in 1989, Edwards got involved in that, too.”

Text Source: New Haven Register

New Haven is a model city. It has been since before I was born. That means Yale works to keep the city’s population demographic as close to matching the U.S. as possible in order to use it as a large social and political sciences lab. 

Image Source: ABC News – FiveThirtyEight

“I calculated how demographically similar each U.S. metropolitan area is to the U.S. overall, based on age, educational attainment, and race and ethnicity. The index equals 100 if a metro’s demographic mix were identical to that of the U.S. overall. 

By this measure, the metropolitan area that looks most like the U.S. is New Haven, Connecticut.”

Text Source: ABC News – FiveThirtyEight

We used New Haven’s mayoral elections as a test, using the campaign of John C. Daniels (black demographic) and then Mayor John Destefano (white real estate investor). And, yes, the media caught George with both of them. 

Image Source: New Haven Independent

“Edwards confers with then-Mayor John Destefano.”

Text Source: New Haven Independent

We ran an entire campaign to kick off that particular research project. I was in the campaign office of John C. Daniels on some nights, stacking sheaves of collected data and stuffing envelopes.

I’m deeply sorry for ruining any illusions. I know we all need hope to cling to. That basic emotional need, and a need for a functioning country, were both exploited by the people making the country dysfunctional. Those are the people who chose the presidents. Both U.S. presidents mentioned are individual humans with their own thoughts, motivations, and personalities. I’m not claiming that they manufactured humans, but they did choose them based on what the public manipulation research said, and there were times when they also manipulated both men. 

On a related note, at higher levels on the political stage, methods from research and/or historical events are generally analyzed and chosen before making a move. The intent is to get a specific result, so they look for something that has been proven to attain that result before. What that exact thing is that gets the intended result does not matter as much. That’s partially why our political landscape is now so scattered with random madness and parts that don’t logically fit. Each of those things is there to get an intended result. That’s the only reason they are there. It has pretty much nothing to do with our shared reality or needs. 

I could even go on to discuss how the recruiter’s cohort had people under their control on both sides of the aisle. Or I could mention how they once drugged an entire club at Yale, at their own dining table, and then proceeded to blackmail every single one of them. There are really no limits to the political stories I could tell. None. Absolutely none. The people I was stuck with did not have limits. 

As the recruiter explained, only the people below have the limits of rules, social norms, expectations, religion, and laws. Those who choose to rule over them, or to exploit them from behind the curtain of secrecy, do not.   

The reason I don’t delve too far into the political topics is simple. People get too invested in the political media darlings, in their parties, in that last bit of hope of stability and/or change that they want. If I already struggle to get people to back away from lies they previously swallowed, why would I want the added task of trying to pry their political dreams from their hands? 

Modern politics contains easy but useful-feeling distractions intended to engage the populace and avert their attention while the coffers are raided.

Much like holding up a protest sign, the act of being engaged in politics feels like an action, and people desperately need to feel that. In reality, it is often nothing more than government actors and organizers, like my buddy George over in COINTELPRO, leading the populace on a run like a dog until it runs out of energy. It’s a necessity for running a government without true public interference. However, it’s a necessity for those running the government. It may not be as advantageous to you. It sure as hell isn’t to the kids this civilization willingly tosses into the fire of war while everyone wears their “save the children” buttons and uses angry-face emojis. Don’t even get me started on the political organization in Argentina that waves “the stolen children” around as a banner to raise funds for themselves while calling us same children criminals behind closed doors.

As I said, politics are a distraction. Even I get caught up in them now and then. I understand the emotional pull and utter distraction. I’m not going down that road. This is about focusing on our survival. Not the political actors on the theater stage. Those assholes will keep going until the final curtain. They are not the solution. Their theatrics and audience manipulation are part of the problem. 

And, no, I gain nothing financially from suggesting honesty in how we manage government. My postgraduate credentials, the money and pay-outs in the field and career I am educated in and currently refuse to work in, require that politics combined with deception continue on indefinitely. 

The primary premise in my profession at the upper level is that we take two (or more) leaders, go behind closed doors, find out their actual objectives, and come to an agreement that meets those while appeasing their citizens with lies and face-saving measures. 

At the mid-level, it requires conning the public of the losing side into accepting reduced resources and rights while telling them its for their benefit. 

In smaller negotiations, the goal is to find out what two (or more) people/parties in a negotiation are lying about by taking each one aside privately to see what their actual interests and needs are that they aren’t admitting to (or to glean the truth by interpreting their lies). Then, create an agreement that serves both sides without letting each party know the secrets of the other party, what their actual needs were, and why they’ve all come to the resolution and agreement I’ve created for them to meet the needs that each of them will not reveal to the other side. 

In other words, my entire job description is protecting secrets while still making things semi-function, and often to the detriment of the public and the exploited side, because those with the resources know the game. That’s how they got the resources.  

What would that even look like without all the subterfuge? Hell if I know. I might have to take up dog grooming as a permanent profession. I’m in uncharted territory. We all are. We’ve been in deception for so long. However, I would rather be a dog groomer in a functioning world than be paid off to make things worse while wearing a suit. 

So, back to my life… 

In addition to assisting with grassroots organization toppling for government ease, I was used for every task you can imagine, ranging from menial to extremely dangerous. I filed papers in the end-game labs, I visited and collected information from political prisoners, I worked the overnight shift on the bureaucratic side of a money laundering operation for a bit, and I assisted with the physical relocation of protected war criminals for the U.S. government as needed, among other things, some simply for the recruiter’s profit, and others often directly relating to her work.

They quit letting me do pretty much anything that involved lab equipment after I sabotaged it more than once while playing dumb. So, much of my lab assistant work was boring – moving boxes or sorting through stacks of collected information no one with a decent pay grade wanted to touch. Sometimes, it was interesting. 

I once spent a week helping a visiting lecturer at Yale to unpack his office, located on the short hallway that led to the large storage area and off-the-books medical laboratory. He was military, and as I understood it, his expertise was somewhere between strategy and psychology. He had me unpacking boxes and boxes of thick classified military manuals. I wanted to peek between the pages so badly. I was always curious – even when what I saw was horrifying, I usually still looked. I was only loaned to him for a day. I willingly volunteered my time for the rest of the week just to get a look at the inside of those manuals. I never had any luck. He never even left that office for long enough to use the men’s room. 

Another mundane at the time moment that would be catastrophic in the long term, was when I was brought to another building at Yale, primarily classrooms, but with some smaller lab equipment. I was asked to stuff envelopes while the recruiter and a female scientist spoke. There were several hundred envelopes with addresses all over the globe. I was sending the conclusion and information about their research to interested parties from everywhere. 

As they spoke, the scientist confirmed they had developed a hybrid virus. It sounded a lot like the walking pneumonia one I had heard plans for when I was little, and with the HIV-1 virus that we had moved to New Haven to work with several years prior. However, she said it would take too long to produce and replicate the virus (the time mentioned was, at a minimum, several months; she may have mentioned a year or more). They were shelving the project until technology improved. 

Later on, CRISPR technology would come into existence. I can’t genuinely say 100% if I was doing the mundane envelope stuffing that day for a project that would become the prototype for COVID-19. 

I will say that the previously mentioned military medical research states that the government was playing around with respiratory viruses combined with HIV in 1986 and 87:

Image Source: U.S. Military, Defense Technical Information Center

“Time covered: 9/29/86 to 9/30/87…

The recombinant Adeno-HIV virus is being developed as part of this proposal.” 

Text Source: U.S. Military, Defense Technical Information Center

They were doing it under the guise of it being an effective tool for vaccine research and development. However, just because you can use something, doesn’t mean that you should. No matter how polished your shoes or how much taxpayer money you’re funneling, there is no excuse for some things. 

I can also state that other labs were publishing their use of a combination HIV-1 and SARS-CoV pseudotype virus in 2004, according to scientific research articles from that time:

Image Source: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

“HIV pseudotyped with SARS-CoV S protein was prepared as previously described. In brief, 293T cells were co-transfected with a plasmid encoding codon-optimized SARS-CoV S protein and a plasmid encoding Env-defective, luciferase-expressing HIV-1 genome (pNL4-3.luc.RE) using Fugene 6 reagents (Boehringer–Mannheim). Supernatants containing HIV/SARS-CoV S protein were harvested.”

Text Source: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

And the Wuhan lab was doing it in 2010: 

Image Source: Archives of Virology via Springer

“An HIV-1-luciferase pseudotype virus carrying the SARS-CoV BJ01 S protein, HIV/BJ01-S, was prepared…

We extended our previous study to ACE2 molecules from seven additional bat species and tested their interactions with human SARS-CoV spike protein using both HIV-based pseudotype and live SARS-CoV infection assays.”

Text Source: Archives of Virology via Springer

It was all done in the soothing and calming name of vaccine research. Quite like how the recruiter used to call everything she did for the military “cancer research.” If a tactic works, it tends to get repeated. 

Biowarfare is government Munchausen by Proxy. They use classification and secrecy for “the protection of the nation” to hide the making of a weapon, and then advertise the making of a damaging “cure” for that same weapon (vaccine research, etc.). Then, much like a Munchausen by Proxy mother, they expect to be praised and rewarded for their efforts. And much like the child of a Munchausen by Proxy mother, the citizenry becomes too ill to be independent and they look to the same government that harmed them to heal them.

Unfortunately, that’s not a response that leads to survival. Of all the forms of child abuse, Munchausen by Proxy is the most fatal. This is why I was always so concerned for the public. I barely survived it myself.   

I can’t say if any of these viruses work how the scientists I knew intended back when they were first talking about endgame walking pneumonia and incurable illness virus hybrids in front of me over plates of food at dinner table discussions. I can only tell you what I saw and heard, and how my heart felt like it jumped into my throat and stayed there when I first saw researchers noting the HIV-1 insert in COVID decades later.

If anyone ever seriously looks into this, you may be able to confirm that I was in the room, if nothing else. Because I was stuffing envelopes, my fingerprints were on the letters that were sent all over the world to let interested parties know how the early prototype turned out. I was still a child then, assuming I wasn’t drugged on the recruiter’s mortar-and-pestle homemade scopolamine combination to the point that I simply thought I was a child that day. I’m sure I’ll still hang for it, even if I was underage. That’s just how people are. 

If it seems like a badly thought-out decision to leave exploited internationally-trafficked children with the brunt of deciding which information the public should and shouldn’t get, I agree. It’s also unreasonable to leave children with the task of attempting to get that information out there despite their age and lack of education on how to get the public’s attention regarding sensitive and difficult classified topics. It would be much more rational to stop hiding endgame research from the populations it’s being tested on and/or will eventually be used on, which includes all of us. The weight I carried was ridiculous, and there were adults with functioning minds in those rooms, with family in that country, who all allowed the gross human rights violations to continue. God knows I tried to warn you, but my voice was not enough to break through. It is not realistic to leave the weight of this knowledge on a tiny number of people who generally fall into two categories – profiteers of the damage or the damaged. 

Anyway, let’s get back to the problems of the past, not all of which so directly brought about our current predicaments, although they have set the larger stage upon which these things can and do happen.

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