The Endgame – A Memoir

Stage 3: Deployment

Death is always a possibility. 
When you do nothing, 
it becomes a certainty.

The recruiter had a few projects going on. One of them was infiltrating the local grassroots antinuclear organizations. The local antinuclear movement had been attempting to force the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to update its regulations regarding overly packed spent fuel pools at Millstone Unit 2 and at other power plants with the same design. 

The way the fuel pool regulations and engineering were, they came with the very real hazard of causing a meltdown in the case of a natural disaster or other major event. Changes needed to be made and the NRC was the regulatory body in charge of making sure that happened. 

The recruiter was there to make sure the movement’s efforts were not successful. 

Image Source: Nuclear Regulatory Commission

NRC notice:

“Forthcoming meeting with Northeast Nuclear Energy Company concerning a proposed modification of the spent fuel storage pool at Millstone 2.”

Text Source: Nuclear Regulatory Commission

She’d bring me along as a prop when going to antinuclear meetings. My being there helped to complete her “concerned parent and citizen” act as she told the actually concerned nuclear activists that she was an ex-nuclear engineer (she has since moved on to the title “breast cancer researcher” because it gets a more positive response from people). She had an entire story she would go through, including that she realized the error of her ways in the 1960s and stopped working in Department of Defense research (a complete lie). She made sure to drop random words (spent fuel pools, strontium-90, etc.) to give herself the appearance of a professional in the field and thus an expert for them to bring into their fold and utilize. To my silent horror, they fell for it every time. 

She would still be found using many of the same lines, decades later, when working to control the movement online. I’ve also seen her post about being anti-slavery, something that makes me outwardly cringe after a lifetime of her exploiting me and others. There’s also the detail of her illegally using state terrorism to coerce my mother into signing me over. 

But I digress, back to the subject at hand…

Here’s an example of how she reels people in:

Image Source: 2013 Screenshot Facebook

“Back in 1968 when I worked at Yale’s School of Medicine, in cancer research…I can’t help think this was the origin of AIDS or at least part of how it spread, with some primates from the lab moving on to be sources for production of hepatitis vaccines. Anyhow I quit in the fall of 1968 as I had no intention of trying to find a way to justify nuclear war.”

Text Source: 2013 Screenshot Facebook

The recruiter would become a member of the board of a grassroots antinuclear organization and then force every other member out, one at a time, primarily by harassment. Slowly, she would become their primary spokesperson and leader.

Image Source: United Press International

“Four Arrested in Protest Over Atomic Bombings…

The protest ….held by a coalition of groups…Mary Ellen Marucci, a spokeswoman for the coalition…”

Text Source: United Press International

She repeated this process with several anti-nuclear organizations and then consolidated them under the umbrella of an organization she created on her own, for which she was the only head. She deceptively named it the Cooperative Citizens Monitoring Network. 

From there, she would take over the court case with the people’s plea for the NRC to adjust their nuclear power plant spent fuel pool regulations. Updated regulations were needed in order to prevent catastrophes that were likely to result from fuel rods packed so tightly together that they were anticipated to melt together during an emergency situation. Once that type of scenario unfolds, there is very little, if anything, that can be done to prevent a meltdown. 

Over the course of a year, the recruiter kept maneuvering within the courts and managed to become the sole voice of the people against the nuclear industry and NRC. 

Image Source: p. 204 Nuclear Regulatory Commission

“Petitions for leave to intervene and requests for hearing were filed by several entities. The petition granted by this Order was filed by Mary Ellen Marucci on behalf of herself and CCMN.

Other petitions remain significant only because some petitioners authorize CCMN to represent their interests.”

Text Source: p. 204 Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Much like she had stolen my voice, she now stole the voice of the people and became their representative in court. 

She did this primarily by using the clout, expertise, and influence of others. She roped in the renowned physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku, to give his expert testimony (she brought me along to a lecture of his previously to do that, and his testimony was expert and it very likely would have been accepted by the NRC as reason enough to change the fuel pool specifications) as well as two senators, Christopher Dodd and Joseph Liebermann (I was along for those too).

Image Source: p. 215 Nuclear Regulatory Commission

“CCMN explained that…were supported by…the attached affidavits of Dr. Gordon Thompson and Dr. Michio Kaku.”

Text Source: p. 215 Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Image Source: Nuclear Regulatory Commission

“Mr. James M Taylor

Executive Director of Operations

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Dear Mr. Taylor, 

We are again writing to you on behalf of a constituent, Ms. Mary Ellen Marucci… 


Joseph I. Lieberman, U.S. Senator

Christopher J. Dodd, U.S. Senator”

Text Source: Nuclear Regulatory Commission

And then, when the case finally officially reached the courts, she intentionally dropped it, giving the NRC an automatic win and allowing the public to continue to be endangered by a spent fuel pool issue that actually did need to be addressed.

Image Source: Nuclear Regulatory Commission 

“CCMN has not answered the motion…

CCMN Contention 1 was the only contention accepted for adjudication. Accordingly, the Board terminates this proceeding.”

Text Source: Nuclear Regulatory Commission

We would all see the results of this intentional 1993 mishandling of the case, decades later in 2011 when an earthquake and tsunami hit a nuclear plant built in the same decade, with the same design, and with the same spent fuel pool issues. 

Image Source: Nuclear Regulatory Commission

“Millstone Power Station, Units 2 and 3 – Documentation of the completion of required actions taken in response to the lessons learned from the Fukushima Dai-ichi accident.”

Text Source: Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Millstone Unit 2 was the power plant that was at the center of the court case that the recruiter had intentionally handed to the NRC at the expense of the people. It came with the same fuel pool concerns as the units at Fukushima that had been built around the same time. 

Fukushima had a complete meltdown, increasing radiation levels in the Northern Hemisphere as well as the Atlantic Ocean.

There is a chance some of the catastrophe of Fukushima could have been prevented if she had not intervened and if the court case had been allowed to proceed and regulations updated to include suggestions for plants commissioned at the time both Millstone and Fukushima were built. 

And if you ever think it was just an honest mistake. If you start to sink down that hole back into allowing in deception, I would like you to first see this:

Image Source: FAIR

“Yet the NRC still refused a public hearing on safety issues surrounding spent fuel pools.”

Text Source: FAIR

Years later, when continuing her work to infiltrate and sabotage the antinuclear movement, she claimed in a posted comment that it was the NRC that never held a hearing, that they were solely the responsible ones. She did so without ever mentioning the part she played in making sure the hearings closed without the evidence being considered.

Image: Mary Ellen Marucci

Image Source: Author’s Personal Photos

She continued to dress in character for her audience, playing one role behind closed doors and another in public. When she had an audience, she would mix in the occasional conspiracy theory, tiny bits of truth, radical rhetoric, “for the children,” and lots of “nuclear expert” credentials. (I’ve known her nearly my entire life and even I’m not 100% sure what her academic credentials actually are. I can only confirm that she had enough of them to have full access at Yale.) 

When not dressed in a mock-radiation suit, she often wore a hand-tailored and custom-made wool poncho and knee-high leather boots. One of those winter outfits cost nearly as much as a mid-size sedan. The outfits were so eccentric that she had the rich convinced she was rich due to the combination of odd style and quality materials, and she had everyone else convinced she was insane enough to be impoverished and not know how to select normal-looking American clothing at a thrift shop. 

Acceptance of grand theatrics, impossible promises, and other forms of deception has caused an excess of fake radicals and fake politicians, playing off each other and excluding the public while pretending to represent them. This deception goes as far as and includes their playacting within the courts and legislative buildings in Washington D.C., and then their national and international racketeering and shakedowns going beyond that gate. 

This is unsafe for those of us forced to live in the real world where their short-sighted and self-serving actions have consequences. In other words, it’s unsafe for all of us, and that includes the misguided operatives, lazy bureaucrats, and money-hungry individuals who are actively undermining the parts of the system intended to safeguard us from harm. 

Also, after having to dig through countless pages of those NRC documents, I have to point out that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s process is absolutely ridiculous. Determining and correcting errors in the engineering and maintenance of nuclear power plants should not be a court carnival with a result that depends on every clown and money man being there and tossing the correct balloon that day. It should be a practical and responsible science: examine problems and fix them.

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